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Who We Are.

We are a team of professionals with longterm experience in fintech, finance, investment banking and blockchain.
Our mission is to help your FinTech Projects succeed.
Management team and Advisory Board has led tech companies, startups, consulting firms, and been in management positions at public companies. Ages in investment banking including advisory, fundraising, IPOs and listings and M&A.


Great Projects do need experienced team in Fintech, investment banking, trading, and blockchain technology.

Our professional Management Team and Advisory Board has the experience and knowledge to achieve your objectives.

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Right in the Crypto Heart of Switzerland

Located at 25 km south of Zurich, Zug is a small city that is hosting more than a dozen of bitcoin companies. Dubbed “Crypto Valley Zug,” the city has been referred as the Silicon Valley of finance and is meant to become the global center for cryptocurrencies.


The future of Switzerland is to a large extend relying on a successful financial sector.
Fintech is the future of the financial sector: Fintech is the future of Switzerland!
Therefore, it is our mission to define a Fintech friendly environment in Switzerland that is based on collaboration and a strong network.


We aim to serve our Clients in the best way possible.
That is why we trust in our high skilled Team of Professionals and Advisors


Financial technology is a rapidly advancing industry with a huge growth potential for new business, providing numerous opportunities for monetization. Expertise and information exchange are crucial to keep track of developments. Thats why we count on education of our staff and partners. Swiss Fintech Development AG, always a step ahead

Fintech in Switzerland

Switzerland has become a major player in worldwide Fintech Industry. Big Banks based in Switzerland  are entering the Market after Finma issued Fintech friendly regulations. Therefore you can trust in Swiss based Fintech.


FinTech has changed financial services, allowing non-traditional firms to enter the space. Innovative developments  in areas such as Big Data and Blockchain, allows FinTech organisations becoming key players.


FinTech has changed drastically from its implementation in the form of ATMs in 1967 by Barclays.
We are amazed to work in such a innovative Industry.
After signing our NDA we are happy to provide you with our latest projects

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